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Verinpaints's Background

Verinpaints paints tell the background of a company which grew thanks to its know-how to the highest standard. Its secret is meeting, over the time, its partners’ needs and always offering top quality solutions, those which meet the needs of the furniture or the wood industry as well as the ones of the artisan.
Verinpaints background lies in its three founding members’ commitment: Mr. Piero Marchetti, Mr. Antonio Bartoli, Mr. Sante Zandò, who are still the vital minds of a company which grows thanks to an extraordinary team of young and experienced people. Every day they are the ones who give their contributions in terms of cleverness and work in order to produce better and better paints and to have more and more satisfied customers.
Since 1975, when it was established, this small business has slowly and steadily improved following the very typical spirit of Italian small enterprises: brilliant ideas, strong technical skills, deep spirit of initiative and resourcefulness.
The first kilogram of paint produced on its own behalf dates back to February 1979. In 1986, it moved to the present headquarter at Massa e Cozzile, which expanded over the time up to the present 10,000 square meter surface.
During those years, Verinpaints grew thanks to its capacity to supply paints and special effects that others were unlikely able to industrialize. Its initiative, its availability, its capacity to smell changes lead, step by step, to a more and more organized enterprise.
Verinpaints promptly reacted to the challenges of the 90s and anticipated the more and more pressing regulations.Since the 2000s the company has firmly spread the Tuscany and Italian excellence all over the world, showing that the medium sizes can sometimes represent an advantage.
Since 2001, in order to have access to new and definitely selective markets, the company has planned an intense production innovation aiming to achieve those scale economies necessary to be competitive at a by now global level.That is why it adopted the quality certification which leads to the highest corporate standards. The constant adjustment of production processes goes hand in hand with the development of research, which now hires 30% of the workforce using state-of-the-art equipment, and with partnerships with the University, research Ph. D and with the C.N.R. (Science Research Council).
All that makes Verinpaints be a company which still combines the artisanal care for the product and an extremely evolved service with a global vision. Therefore, in 2014 VerinpaintsHolding was established as a specific tool in order to be strongly and steadily rooted in those foreign countries that are considered as strategic ones. At present, the international expansion reaches about 50 countries. According to the estimates in the medium run, this penetration will be widen up to additional 15 countries within 2018.


Mission and Vision

Verinpaints chosen Quality as its corporate mission thus ensuring very performing, safe and innovative products: this approach results from a corporate philosophy which has always been individual oriented and developed with a firm belief and responsibility. Improvement, evolution and increaseof the range are unavoidable to meet customers’ need with responsiveness and flexibility. The awareness for safety and for environment is essential for the whole production path thanks to top level technicians who are able to combine their skills as of the features and as for the use of innovative materials with their accurate knowledge of new technologies. Verinpaints missions characterized by its research for eco-sustainability to set up products with a low impact on the environment which safeguard the users’ health. We pursue this objective together with the corporate growth, thanks to our investments which have constantly this aim. Verinpaints commits itself to develop human resources by means of training projects, professional growth courses within a safe and comfortable working place. The incentive systems, which aim to share these objectives, are an integral part of the corporate approach. The constant training and the exchange of information allow to keep our know-how at the highest level.

The Production

Verinpaints produces paints for wood and protective and decorative industrial paints into a 10,000 square meter building located in Italy, at Massa e Cozzile in the province of Pistoia. The production is organized depending on orders and on the supply of standard products stored as a stock (primers and finishes both transparent and pigmented). Raw materials are collected, mixed and then packed into four separate production departments: small scale production department, large scale production department, paints for metal production department and water based paints production department. The production staff supervises and manages the operations; the laboratory technicians, instead, check and test the final product before the packaging so that the quality standards of paints and the customer satisfaction are ensured all the time. A team of in-house maintenance operators always ensure the perfect working of machineries and of the production equipment.


Verinpaints is equipped with an effective laboratory of the latest generation well-structured among the following departments: Test and Application of Finished Products, Research and Development, Tinting Machines and Quality Control of the Incoming Raw Materials.Our technicians – chemists, researchers and analysts – have to ensure the highest quality and resistance standards of our products in full compliance with the regulations of this sector. Before being launched on the market, all the products undergo compliance tests aiming to ensure the highest ISO international standards. The constant attention paid to environmental and ecological issues paved the way to the cooperation-interaction with CNR and with other prestigious research institutes. We constantly set up analysis methods on raw materials for which, effectively, there are not regulations yet, thus anticipating the most advanced directives. The research for innovative products, for sustainable raw materials, for processes with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions are included in our DNA.


In order to ensure an effective sales service, we are widespread available on approximately the whole national territory. Our warehouses are located in 15 regions in order to fully cover several areas in Italy. In each area, Verinpaints can rely not only upon a local warehouse but also upon a referent agent in order to ensure the highest logistic efficiency and an efficient commercial support. Thanks to a network of very experienced agents, Verinpaints is present on the European and international markets and it exports its products to about 50 countries. Its distribution network is characterized by its top quality in terms of service, specialized assistance and advice.Over the years, Verinpaints set up a sound relationship and a strong partnership with all its partners existing on the territory, thanks to a strong synergy and to important resources for the development of high level professional solutions for the market.

Tinting System VERINCHROME

The Tinting System VERINCHROME allows the final customer or warehouses to reproduce a wide range of primers and water based and solvent based pigmented finishes in a simple, quick and flexible way. It is possible to obtain easily and quickly the colors of the most widespread color cards RAL, NCS, LACCATO, SIKKENS and others existing on the market, respecting the highest quality standards of the products and reducing man’s intervention to a minimum. You can choose dosing, mixing and manual or automatic packaging systems, you can use the spectrophotometer as a standard to read and to write in codes production colors depending on your needs.The technical relationship with customers is developed through the web, by means of a management portal which allows to download the formulas and the compositions of paints or of the “effects” to be obtainedwith a total quality and a sure result.All the converters and the sixteen pastes of the Tinting System are formulated, produced and controlled in our plant in order to keep unchanged the quality and the steadfastness of the final product which isalso analyzed and updated on a daily basis into our laboratory in order to obtain a very performing result. The Tinting System VERINCHROMEadapts to any need, meeting the main types of production needs of the customer and, in-house, it completes a database able to meet all the regulatory needs as far as safety and dangerous products are concerned, thus allowing to print safety files and labels.

Assistance and Services

Our corporate mission focuses on the full knowledge and the full satisfaction of the specific needs of each customer: selling is not our finish line, butit is the beginning of a cooperation which is absolutely necessary in order to be able to offer more and more targeted results and perfectly suitable painting cycles. In order to produce customized paints, the highly skilled experts and technicians of Verinpaints laboratories are totally available to the customer offering innovative and performing products able to ensure the best results from the aesthetical-performing point of view as well as from the one of the productive efficiency. The brand strengths are the “technical assistance, which is often a real advice, and the after sale support, which is able to offer always and promptly a highly professional service.