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Tinting System


The Tinting System VERINCHROME allows the final customer or warehouses to reproduce a wide range of primers and water based and solvent based pigmented finishes in a simple, quick and flexible way. It is possible to obtain easily and quickly the colors of the most widespread color cards RAL, NCS, LACCATO, SIKKENS and others existing on the market, respecting the highest quality standards of the products and reducing man’s intervention to a minimum.

You can choose dosing, mixing and manual or automatic packaging systems, you can use the spectrophotometer as a standard to read and to write in codes production colors depending on your needs.The technical relationship with customers is developed through the web, by means of a management portal which allows to download the formulas and the compositions of paints or of the “effects” to be obtainedwith a total quality and a sure result.All the converters and the sixteen pastes of the Tinting System are formulated, produced and controlled in our plant in order to keep unchanged the quality and the steadfastness of the final product which isalso analyzed and updated on a daily basis into our laboratory in order to obtain a very performing result.

The Tinting System VERINCHROMEadapts to any need, meeting the main types of production needs of the customer and, in-house, it completes a database able to meet all the regulatory needs as far as safety and dangerous products are concerned, thus allowing to print safety files and labels.